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In a Box

Team+ are creating a series of digital interactive toolkits to support businesses and leaders like you and we would like your valuable advice to make sure we’re developing solutions that work for you.

We’re calling our organisational development solutions ‘In a Box’; we are looking at a range of options that can help your business keep growing throughout this time, including:
Team culture and engagement (Teams in a Box)
Making your business leaner & driving profits (Lean in a Box)
Strategy; Identifying your current position in the market and helping you diversify and plan for success (Strategy in a Box)
Building future proof leaders (Leaders in a Box)
Developing positive wellbeing and mental health (Wellbeing in a Box)

We would like to know if these solutions would be useful for you & your business. 

Events are temporarily on hold to comply with COVID-19 guidance


Our Vision

We want to give people permission to play together with purpose, creating communication, long-lasting relationships, trust and resilience.  

We aim to build better and more enriched businesses and lives.


Events & Programmes

We have a proven track record of creating successful learning and development, culture changing and team development programmes with a wide range of businesses.

We have delivered strategy launch events for PwC London, and have also put on great shows at celebration evenings for digital agencies. 

Our clients love us building personalised programmes made especially for their needs and outcomes, inspired by the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, which are: 

Connect | Be Active | Take Notice | Keep Learning | Give

Team Building

Our team-building programmes are like no other.

We guarantee you’ll have never experienced an event like a Team + event! 

Designed from understanding your DNA, we get to know you and your team, making sure your experience fits your culture perfectly and has long-lasting impact and memories.

There is a solid foundation of business wisdom at the heart of everything we do, from Drucker ’culture eats strategy for breakfast’, Tuckman ‘storming, norming, storming performing’ through to Belbin ‘Team Roles’ and our wealth of experience in education.

In eight years we have grown our own team at Team+ from three people to over 50, all part of using the power of teamwork to make the world a better place.

“Thank you very much for our fabulous team day. You really stuck to the theme and really focused on team building.  Your team brought really great energy to the afternoon and there was great interaction and enthusiasm by all people from Team+. We really liked the organisational structure that allowed everyone to clearly know what activity they were involved in throughout the session. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and found the whole afternoon really fun.”

Nicola Stanford, PwC London


Business Culture

We know that working with people face to face has a huge effect on connecting people, building trust and collaborative relationships. So much research backs this up and the phrase ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ is our mantra.

In a huge way we put personal contact back into an increasingly impersonal world dominated by virtual communication by text, email and social media.


Learning And Development

A ‘learning culture’ creates:
Rapid business growth, increasing productivity and profits
Identification of potential issues with products, services or teams and fast resolution
Ability to ‘out-innovate’ competitors
Excellent customer service
Focus on service quality and added value

Staff development with Team + increases productivity, with bespoke programmes for groups and teams to develop specific skills; promoting personal and business growth.  Team + strategic learning and development experiences are designed to boost talent identification, retention and reward, as well as collaboration between individuals, teams and departments.

Workshops include: successful onboarding, inspirational leadership, transform your communication, wow your audience presentation and public speaking, questioning and problem solving, maximising and releasing potential, excellent customer service, innovative thinking and entrepreneurship, idea sharing, coaching, mentoring, talent nurturing and developing successful habits.



All our programmes are designed around the 5 Ways to Wellbeing

Connect | Be Active | Take Notice | Keep Learning | Give

An effective approach to boosting individual and group, mental and physical wellbeing.
We work with you to create a specialised productivity and wellbeing programme for your team with options including:|

  • Individual and group coaching workshops, evaluating own wellbeing.
  • Regular wellbeing activities and classes.
  • Your own wellbeing employee survey and strategy development.
  • Resilience, mental health and mindfulness focus.

Darren Padgett

Founder & Director

Darren is the heart and soul of this company he created in 2011 with a vision to ensure people get more from their lives. Darren brings with him 30 years of teaching experience, as well as eight years as a Sports Partnership Manager. In the early years, Darren acted as salesman, customer service rep, event deliverer and finance manager with a team of only two others working alongside him to achieve his vision. we now has over 50 fabulous employees and Darren’s passion is to see them grow and develop in skills, confidence, and ambition.

Events are temporarily on hold to comply with COVID-19 guidance


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