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Effective Use of PE Premium to Create a Lasting Legacy

Our brief was to ensure an effective use of PE Premium expenditure at Walton Primary School to create a sustainable legacy from the PE and School Sport Premium. Walton identified a lack of real quality in relation to the teaching of PE and contacted Team Activ to address this through a programme of One-to-One Teacher Support.

What We Did to Ensure an Effective Use of PE Premium

A Team Activ specialist lead lessons on a weekly basis for a full half term that the class teacher could assist in to gain valuable skills to aid their professional development. The teacher observes the lessons being delivered and discusses planning etc with the specialist. The teacher then plans and delivers the last session whist being observed and supported by the Team Activ teacher.


Class teachers felt they could more confidently teach the requirements of the National Curriculum by planning and teaching lessons that were inclusive and challenging. Having seen a specialist in a particular area of activity demonstrate high quality practice teachers felt well supported and able to challenge pupils at appropriate levels to ensure outstanding progress.

What They Said

A recent OFSTED visit reported on the positive impact the support was having on teachers in PE. They were particularly pleased that the sports funding had been using wisely to appoint specialists to work alongside teacher in a carefully targeted way. As a result the pupils are developing healthy lifestyles, better physical well-being and are beginning to improve their performance.
Mr Dickinson, Headteacher @ Walton Primary

Effective Use of PE Premium